Style + Comfort: Summer Travel Shoes

Fashion, Travel
Since the weather has started to warm up, I’ve decided to do a bit of Spring/Summer shopping online.  After selecting a few key pieces here and there, the last thing on my list was a good pair of shoes for travel. I wanted something comfy that did not sacrifice style whatsoever.
With that being said, here is a short list of 5 stylish, yet comfy shoes. These are perfect for travel or just as a go-to during the warm months–

1. Superga 


The classic canvas Superga. These are reminiscent of the Chuck Taylor, but way more comfy.  The fabric is breathable and the inner sole contains a cushion footbed.  These are destined to be your favorite walking sneaker. It’s also available in many different colors, including some cool brand collaborations.

2. Nike


I think Nike ID is such a brilliant and fun way to get a pair of customized sneakers.  Their most recent Nike ID offering is the Air Max Zero, which is known for being lightweight and comfortable.  Soar, Green Glow, and Cool Grey are at the top of my list of favorite core colors.

3. Gurkee

Gurkee rope sandals are a personal favorite. Not only are they handmade in the USA, but they are also a Vegan product.  They offer a variety of fun styles to choose from.  Being that they are salt water resistant, I’ve worn these to the beach and in the water several times.  Also, no need to worry about how to clean them, they are machine washable.

4. Tod’s


I wanted to add one Luxury footwear brand into the mix.  Tod’s is best known for their Gommino drivers. Season after season, they continue to offer this classic shoe in different colors, styles, and leathers.  I own a pair myself, and can attest to the fact that these are top-of-line when it comes to comfort.  They hug your foot and have the perfect amount of support.

5. Teva


Teva is a sandals company that is known for their comfort and utilitarian style.  They offer a style called the Terra Float under the Float Lite Collection.  These styles are not only stylish, but practical.  The thick lightweight foam sole will help you to conquer any adventure.

Spring/Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Spring is already here, and many people (including myself) have an exciting tropical vacation planned in the next few months.
I decided to put together a short list of tips that one can use prior to and during their fun vacation —


Bring cash.

It’s important to always have cash with you at all times, just in case.  You never know when you might run into a place that only takes cash.  It’s also convenient should you lose or misplace your wallet.

Take lots of pictures.

I think this one is pretty much a given.  Take as many as possible–worry about deleting and editing once you get home.

Be nice to locals.

Locals are your best source of knowledge when it comes to the best restaurants, beaches, shopping, and those wonderful secret spots that only “the locals know about”.  Obviously, remain cautious, but don’t be afraid to start a conversation or two to learn more about the area.

Splurge on the good stuff.

My favorite two to splurge on are food and activities.  I keep the souvenir shopping to a minimum.

Try the local cuisine.

Speaking of food, I think it’s always important to try the local cuisine.  When in Rome right?  You never know what might become your new favorite.

Leave a day or two to just RELAX.

Whether it is the first or last day, depending on how long your vacation is, leave a day or two with no plans.  Just seize the day and maybe enjoy a spa day or a massage.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.

And also the bug repellent lotion.  I found a product that I absolutely live by from Avon that is both a bug repellent lotion and sunscreen in one. It worked wonders during my last trip to Puerto Rico.  You can purchase it here.

Have fun.

Most importantly– have fun, live in the moment and create the best memories possible.  Even when things don’t go as planned, just go with it.